Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow day in MN!

The kids were all home from school today thanks to Mother Nature, so we pulled out the crayons and markers....... including me!
This is the little guy I've been dreamin about, except he was a lot smaller than I'd remembered.
A lot smaller.

choice of markers

This is "0" blender refill.  Buy some. It is a MUST have with Copic
creations.  The dirty swatch it's laying on is use for texture in some of my cards.  If you take a close look at the boys blue jeans, you'll see they have a textured look to them just like ours do! 
It's real simple and o' so cool! 
 It would be ideal to color the textured area first, then sqirt a small amount of blender refill on your swatch and press onto the color area that you want some texture to.  Wala!  Done.
Just think of ALL the textures you have laying around your home that are just waiting for you!
Simply adding texture to that purse, sweater or critter on your image would look amazing.
Give it a try and send us a sneak peak!

As a treat, the first person to leave a comment to this posting and subscribe to the blog will receive this card as a gift!


  1. I'm a follower & I love your card!

  2. Thank you! You just made my whole day!
    Now send me your addy so I can get this little feller out to you!