Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Stroll

My young daughter found my markers packed away in the closet and started asking questions.  I thought it'd be easier just to show her. She loves them and we had a wonderful time tonight making winter cards!

For this image we patted the stamp with Staze On ink. It's the best by far for nice, solid black, clean images that don't bleed. We used just a few markers.  In order to get the blended look, with limited colors, we colored over the first layer a few times, in small circles, for a darker look.

For the appearance of snow in the background, we took a post it note and tore the one end and placed it where we wanted the highlights.  Then using a light grey ink pad (Stampin Up), we took a small sponge and tapped it numerous times on the ink pad and then immediately tapped it on the edge of out post it note's torn side.
You can have so much fun with this!  Try different colors, like blues and browns for different effects!

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